Are You Guilty Of Imposing A Career Path On Your Child?

The world has shrunk to small families. Most nuclear families are limited to a single child or at the most two children. Most parents are single-mindedly focused on their children. There is a growing pressure on the children to excel. The parents have a rigid mindset and believe that the conventional career paths are the ones that their children should aspire to.

But there are so many unconventional and offbeat careers that are getting more and popular day by day. It is time to change track and look into these options, as all children are born different. Every child has a unique talent and that needs to be recognized and nurtured. Today, there is a disturbing trend that parents impose their own dreams on to their children. The growing  source of stress in children and adolescents is the pegging of square pegs in round holes.

Conventional versus offbeat career choices

There are some career choices that are favourites with parents like Chartered accountancy, Medicine, Engineering or MBA degrees. They are considered safe and parents believe that their offspring will earn well and gain respect in the society in pursuing these careers. The parents dream of stability for their children.

What is often neglected that children today are born in a world that is very different from the one we were born in. They have a large exposure to modern trends and through the internet they see new dreams and crave to fulfil them. There are myriad fields that are open to children today. These are safe and attract good remuneration. Let us not forget that if we enjoy our work, it cannot be considered work at all!

Which are the careers that are deemed unconventional?

Are You Guilty Of Imposing A Career Path On Your Child

Children are a storehouse of talent and creativity. As parents and teachers, it is up to us to recognize the talent inherent in our children. Children often exhibit signs of their interest early in life. They often are drawn to things that fascinate them and draw their interest. What interests them often becomes a full-fledged passion.

This passion, when channelled in the right direction can be a life-changing experience for the child. The talent can be nurtured carefully through training, exposure and appreciation. For example, if your child loves to draw, it is a good idea to enrol him into a drawing class, look for opportunities to showcase the talent.

If your child loves dressing up and wearing your make up, do not dismiss it as a childhood whim. Look carefully, do you have a budding model in your house. Try sending her to a modelling school and ascertain if her future lies in modelling. The fashion industry is nascent and there are innumerable possibilities for the child to enter the industry if she is so inclined.

There are no limits to the heights your child can reach if she is encouraged to pursue her interest. Keep your mind open and support your child’s aspirations. Be the wind beneath her wings and help her soar.

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