Bigmouth Fox – Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bigmouth Fox - Bedtime Stories For Kids

Trying to put your little one to bed? We know how tricky that can be! To make bedtime easier and more pleasant we have compiled a series of bedtime stories for kids. Use our stories for kids in English and have your little one dream away in no time.

Bigmouth Fox – Bedtime Stories For Kids

Penguin, Reindeer and Fox were good friends.

One day, Penguin and Reindeer found a load of fruit, and decided to keep it a secret.

On the way, they met Fox, who asked them why they were so happy. They told him about the fruit but asked the Fox to keep it a secret.

When they arrived at the forest, Fox forgot about his promise, and told everyone.

When Penguin and Reindeer returned to the place where they had found the fruit, they discovered that the animals of the forest had already been there and eaten it all.

They decided to teach Fox a lesson.

The next day they told Fox that they had found a lake so full of fish. Fox again told everyone in the forest about this.

The next day, Fox was seen covered in cuts and bruises because the animals who went to the lake didn’t find anything, they felt deceived, and had given Fox a good beating.

Fox learned his lesson and promised to never break the trust of his friends.

Bedtime Stories For Kids Moral: Once you get someone’s trust, it's priceless. 
But once you lose it, you are useless.
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