Strong or Weak – Moral Story for Kids

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In a forest, there lived a proud teak tree. A small herb lived next to the tree.

The tall and strong teak tree always said, “I am very strong. No one can defeat me.”

Hearing this, the herb replied, “Dear friend, too much pride is harmful. Even the strong will fall one day.”

The teak ignored the herb’s words. He continued to praise himself.

The teak stood firm in strong wind and rain. However, during these times, the herb bowed low. The teak made fun of the herb.

One day, there was a storm in the forest. The herb bowed low. As usual, the teak did not want to bow.

When the storm grew stronger, the teak could no longer bear it and in the end, he fell down. That was the end of the proud tree.

When everything was calm again, the herb stood straight. He saw that the proud teak had fallen and said – “What doesn’t bend, breaks.”

Moral : Too much pride can be the reason for your fall.

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