Does Your Child Have The Skills And Flair Needed For Future Success?

Does Your Child Have The Skills And Flair Needed For Future Success?

The world is turning into a fiercely competitive space and the pressure is upon the parents and the children to choose a path best suited to their skills and talents. Sounds simple right? But, the reality is quite different. The trick is to identify and hone the latent skills in your child.

In my experience as a counsellor, I have seen many instances when the child is forced to take up subjects and hobbies as per the choice of his parent or on the basis of prevalent societal norms. There was a time when all parents wanted a doctor or an engineer in the family. Then came a time when MBA was the reigning favourite as a career option. The current trends point to Chartered Accountancy and Cost accountancy with the MBA as an added garnish.

As parents, we brainwash our children into conventional career choices as we think it is safe and will provide our child with a decent standard of living and a fair social standing. What we neglect is that our child is an individual with a very individual aptitude and skill set. Should we not explore these and see if we can guide them from infancy and early childhood towards a rewarding offbeat career choice that suits their personality?

Does your child have a photogenic streak?

Does your little one preen and primp in front of a mirror; has an innate sense of style and loves posing for the camera? Maybe the forte lies in modeling and acting. The idea is worth exploring as there is no dearth of shows and avenues where these qualities can be showcased. The natural abilities of the child can be honed and sharpened, confidence can be built up and modeling can be a lucrative career option! After all, some children are born to be famous!

How can we prepare our child for an offbeat career choice?

As a parent, you know your child the best. If you see that there is a streak of creativeness in the child, do enroll her into a dance class, or an art class, or a singing class, encourage sports as an option or even explore activities like cooking, baking and theatre. There are successful careers built out of a hobby well pursued!

The young child has no view of what he can accomplish or where his skills lie. Try and provide exposure to as many art forms as possible to gauge her interest. A few years into the activity the child is able to recognize whether he has the skill set and flair needed to excel in the field. This process can be made easier if encouraged by the school and the parent. The certain “X factor” that is inherent in the child shines brightly when the option is apt for him. It is then imperative that parents help the child to plumb the depths, learn actively and get maximum opportunities to showcase the aptitude he possesses.

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