What Your Teenager Is Not Telling You

What Your Teenager Is Not Telling You

Most teenagers face identity crises at this juncture in their lives and are fiercely protective of their privacy. It is considered normal for teenagers to hide a lot of things from adults as they crave autonomy and want to act grown up.

Teenager Secrets

In many cases it is harmless as it concerns secrets they share with friends, the way they spend their pocket money, their hideouts with friends and who is their latest crush. These small secrets are harmless and temporary in nature. The adolescent will soon be talking about all of this once the emotional growing up is done with.

Peer Pressure

The other really dangerous part of growing up is peer pressure and the fear of missing out. The teenager may have adjustment or communication issues at home, if parents are authoritarian or try to push towards a certain mind-set. The child accepts the discipline at a younger age but rebellion sets in at this age. If communication lines are not open between parents and children from a young age, the situation is often dire.

Teenager depression and anxiety

Many kids try to fit in and look cool. In the quest to do so they may turn to a level of promiscuity, ingest drugs or alcohol. The incidences of depression and anxiety are also rising exponentially in this age group. Parents are often unaware as the child tends to hide the situation or does not tell the parents the truth. The situation can be explosive as these problems could linger in adulthood too.

The way out

The best approach is to communicate with the child openly from a young age, draw boundaries but keep them flexible. Be honest about your expectations but listen to your child. Do not push beyond the child’s interests and limitations. The key is to understand and listen to your child to ensure that your teenager tells you things.

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